Launch of E-CROSS during Rallycross in Hell!

During the World RX in rallycross on Lånke track in Stjørdal, the world's first electric cross-kart is licensed for racing. E-CROSS is initially built for children between 6-12 years. Olliver Sollie and Andre H. Valby are in E-CROSS each with the founders behind.

The Skaar Racing Team, consisting of the brothers Frode and Atle Skaar, has built the world's first electrical crash card licensed for car racing. The project has been going on for a period of one year, and finally they could launch the innovative concept at Lånke on Friday.

"We are proud to launch E-CROSS in front of the entire World RX circus this weekend. Our great stars such as Petter Solberg and Andreas Bakkerud also started in lower classes at a young age, and we all agree that it is important to focus on young athletes and give them the opportunity to drive as early as possible. E-CROSS Kid is designed for children between 6-12 years and we will offer a test drive through the summer, "says project manager for E-CROSS Frode Skaar.

World champion Johan Kristoffersson with the test drivers in E-CROSS at Lånke

Together with his brother Atle, Frode has built the world's first electrical crosskart with a license for car racing. There are several toys, but this is a proper run-down run during organized training and competition.

"The goal is to reach more countries in the long run, but initially we will take Norway and will be able to offer a test run for the very least," says Skaar.

Skaar Racing Team has its main base at Gardermoen Motorpark, but also plans to showcase E-CROSS on other courses in the long term. The goal is that as many as possible, the opportunity to test car racing and the entry class of rallycross, which is a crosskart (Cross Car), run on both gravel and asphalt courses.

"The Norwegian Car Racing Association has done a great job, and the project has already been presented at the International Car Racing Conference in Manila. General Secretary of the NBF, Hallgeir Raknerud, had a meeting with an FIA representative earlier this week, and they think the project is exciting.

Over 20 years of experience

Skaar Racing Team consists of two brothers with passion for motorsports, and especially recruitment and product development. They have over 20 years of experience, and have also competed in Norwegian and European Championship in rallycross until 2011.

"Now the focus is on running our own company to enjoy others with motorsports. This is rewarding to us, and therefore we have spent the last year, day and night, to complete this project with an electric crosskart for the World RX weekend, explains Frode Skaar, and continues:

"From 2020, it is planned that Rallycross will be replaced by electric cars in the World RX, and this is something we must take seriously. Car manufacturers, who are the biggest investors in the World RX, want to develop solutions through electric cars. The reason we chose to make an E-CROSS Kid (6-12 years) is just this with electric focus in the future. We want to think differently, and with our experience, we are confident that the project for children and young people will be well received even though many are also against electric cars in the future.

Skaar believe the fact that the crosskart is electric can be positive for recruitment:

"This means that more people can try E-CROSS as we get closer to larger cities, and make the sport available to even more with trial runs in central areas.

Through the RX Evolution, the Skaar Racing Team also offers larger driving training packages for those who want to bet a little extra to become a good rally or rallycross athlete. Here it is possible to buy packages with driving training to avoid all errors and traps you might otherwise encounter when starting something new without prior experience.