Many exciting plans for the future!

RX Evolution, established in 2017 by the brothers Atle and Frode Skaar, continues work in 2018. We have participated in many great experiences with our passion and hobby for over 20 years. We plan to continue this in the future. We are now building a platform where we can work on our own projects. Among other things, we are burning for recruitment to the sport, and building our own Cros shorts for rent.

Atle who has been with Simon Syversen in RX2 in recent years now chooses to put all the focus in his own projects through the RX Evolution and the Skaar Racing Team. In addition, we run the Motorsport Event where we offer speed and excitement to business and private groups. RX Evolution is meeting an exciting time, and our goal is that many children and young people will test their skills behind the wheel during the 2018 season.

We hope to be able to press our plans during the first half of 2018. This is a project that has taken a lot of time and energy in the last year. It has been working almost daily around the clock, but it's extra fun when it produces results. We have tested our new Crosskart project. In addition to having many carcross cars ready for future motorsport athletes. We have not given up the dream of international rallycross, but today we do not want to do anything without having ownership of the projects themselves.

Mats Lysen is still attached to our project and we have had a cooperation dating back to 2008. Simon Syversen continues his venture in RX2 and we wish to thank for many great experiences with the Syversen family. The collaboration dates back to 2013 when he rented our Citroën Saxo and debuted in Rallycross. Simon drove two seasons for the Skaar Racing Team before joining the international Rallycross.

After a season "alone" in the SET Promotion, he sought help from Atle who has participated in the races in the 2016-2017 season. The highlight was when Simon drove in to a 3rd place in Barcelona in 2016. We also brought Glenn Haug into the heat of 2017 and let down some work in marketing and his website. This has been instructive and exciting, we also had close dialogue during the races. Glenn will continue his own team in 2018, and this is not something we can prioritize to participate on this occasion. We keep in touch with both practitioners and wish you lots of luck!

We are also in dialogue with more practitioners who want to represent RX Evolution, and it's fun that people threaten our project. We put our knowledge at the level where we have the economy to succeed. So we hope things develop quickly through hard work that has been laid down over many years. In the future, we hope to find good talents to work with, as this is our passion and great dream in life.

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