Recruitment and Product Development in RX Evolution!

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We have been working hard during the past year and still can not tell all plans for 2018. But now we are finally approaching a new season and it looks promising in view of the work that has been put down. It will still require huge amounts of hours, but now we have got a red thread in the future. There is no doubt that we will work with what we like best through our own projects.


There has been a lot of fun with the RX2 and World Cup rounds over the last two years with Simon Syversen.

We decided before Christmas and have 100% ownership of our own projects, and build it at our own pace according to the economic conditions we have at our disposal. It is therefore natural to start with vehicles that are in the motorsport and we have the pleasure of being able to "continue this path".

Recruitment, driver training and product development have been on the wallpaper in the last year. And this is linked to our new concept Crosskart Here is the goal that young athletes will get a Crosskart test before they buy their own equipment and we are approaching a finished product that fits this type of use.

We have attached to us some selected practitioners who will continue to develop the concept in 2018. These three boys will test the new Croscart we make, and together with Emilia's sister, Olliver represents the Sollie family. In addition, we have with Andre H. Valby from Jessheim. He runs his third season in the class 85 ccm this year.

Even Aleksander Knai is debutant this year, and runs training in the first place.

Mats Lysen is still in our project and he is ranked 3rd in his NM class in the Rally after the winter season. The dream to Mats Lysen is still coming back in Rallycross, and he will consider opportunities to be best prepared through training in the future.

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