Both RX Evolution Ahtletes ready for semifinals!

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This weekend runs the 6th World Cup in Trønderlag at home. Andreas Bakkerud and Petter Solberg are the big stars, but also run in the recruitment class RX2 this weekend. Both Glenn Haug and Simon Syversen, two of our athletes are ready for semifinal in today's run. Qualification started with Q1 on Friday, and continued with the last three rounds (Q2, Q3 and Q4) on Saturday.

Glenn has put two 4th time and a 6th time. In addition, he drove Q2 with only rear-wheel drive after a part of the gearbox broke down. The GHRX team fixed the problems on Saturday and returned to qualifying in 6th place in total. Simon already wounded with illness on Friday, but a fever sick boy has fought into a semifinal with an emergency cry. The team gambled with 4 new slicks in the last round of saturday and this secured semi-final with 6th hundred.

Simon has run the gift wanderings and avoided problems, and is ready for semifinal as the 12th man on Sunday. Now the 3 best from each semifinal to a final and the goal is that one of our drivers will be in the finale at home in Trønderlag. Follow the course on Lånkebanen from with all you need of links and live radio. NRK sends the race from 13.50 on Sunday!

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