RX Evolution School

RX Evolution develops RX Drivers

Intensive course

Gardermoen Motorpark, Norway

Transport from Gardermoen Airport



We follow NBF their rules and age limits. To drive rallycross training must be 14 years old and fill 15 years the year driving. Rallycross can run from the year of reaching 16 years, since 1600 cc engines. RX Evolution manage both FWD and RWD cars in the training.

RX2 has an international reglverk which means that you can run from one is 16 years old with 4 wheel drive, a real race car with 310 horsepower and sekventiel shifting.

We also work with packages that deal with media training, sponsorship and physical / mental fitness mm. Our goal is athletes with ambitions early should know what is required, and have the ability to add focus on a "hobby level" until one has fortusetninger to succeed.

Rallycross should be fun!